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Grief Demystified with Caroline Lloyd

By Urban Media

On the podcast so far, we have mentioned many benefits the internet can have if you find yourself in grief. From meeting other members of “the club”, to finding practical tips or advice, there is a lot of material available online that can be helpful. That said - the web is also rife with misinformation about all aspects relating to loss and much of this content is often rampantly shared around the web in the forms memes, pictures, articles and videos, which has created many false perceptions about grief that are now considered the norm.On this week's episode of Grief Encounters Sasha & Venetia meet Caroline Lloyd, author of Grief Demystified. Caroline has spent her life challenging these misconceptions and speaks candidly about why they can be so damaging. From dismantling the “stages of grief” to looking at if an why therapy is not always a good idea, this podcast will be an extremely practical listen for anyone who has been frustrated with many of the cliches attached to loss.About Caroline:Caroline originally trained in supporting terminally ill cancer patients and their families in Texas in 1988. Since then she has volunteered in various pre-bereavement and bereavement roles for organisations in the UK including Cancer Research UK and Macmillan.For the past thirteen years her focus has been on researching and supporting those affected by anticipatory grief and the bereaved. As a result, she’s been volunteering for Cruse in bereavement support, support group facilitation, as a committee member and helpline volunteer.Caroline has also undertaken specialised training to work with children and young people, traumatic grief and baby deaths.She is currently a Board Trustee and Lead Facilitator for the Resilience Building Programme with Roadpeace, supporting those affected by road fatalities.Her current focus is on completing a PhD in bereavement, delivering training on grief to professionals, and running workshops. She was commissioned to write an accessible book on grief for Jessica Kingsley Publishers, and published Grief Demystified worldwide in November, 2017.If you're looking for a safe haven to express how you feel, Share articles, photos ,memories and more,Join the Grief Encounters Facebook Group,A place for support, compassion and empathy for those grieving by: Nctrnm For information regarding your data privacy, visit

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