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Overcoming Mindset Blocks to Crush Your Goals - 059

By Melissa Monte

Today’s episode is actionable and timely. It’s New Years day and I know people like you have resolutions.80% of New Years resolutions daily by February and only 8% of people actually achieve their resolution so today we’re going to make sure that you are in that 8%.My whole life I have loved resolutions. I’d write these big lists of things I’ve always wanted to do, places I wanted to go, things I wanted to learn. And I’d get in about a week and then they’d just completely fade away.Last year everything changed, and the one thing I did differently was addressing my limiting beliefs or mindset blocks. And miraculously, I was able to complete stuff. It blows my mind.Today we’re talking to Amanda Crowell. Amanda is an improvement coach with a PhD in cognitive psychology. She works with educators and individuals to help them gain clarity and get better at getting better.She wrote an article on the three mindsets shared by people who actually follow through on their goals and it went viral.So today we’re getting our own little coaching session so we can become one of those people. Just in time for our New Years resolutions.Today we will learn:The three mindset blocks getting in the way of your goalsSome methods for keeping your big goals in clear viewHow to break down your goals so they’re achievableShow Notes: out Mind Love's first course here:

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