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Episode 02: Broadway Actress & Author Alexandra Silber

By Hustle & Grace

Broadway Actress & Author Alexandra Silber has created a career as a stage and television actress, novelist, memoirist, singer, and educator. In this episode she shares her approach to her career as a buffet rather than a ladder and shares how her life came to a full stop when she neglected her health. When people challenge your dreams, use it as an instigator for self discovery. ”Not every extremely talented person is going to develop the personality temperament to match their talent. It doesn’t have to do with if you’re good—it’s if the career is good for you.” “Dear listener, you have what it takes for exactly your life path and whether that matches up with the artistic job of your teenage dreams is neither here nor there.” ”I don’t have to hold the theatre hostage for fulfilling all my needs.” ”Detach from outcome. Pursuit of excellence—a pure pursuit often leads to success. Create from a place of authenticity.” ”I want my life to feel like a rich meal with many courses.” ”I have enough diversification [in my career] that I feel stimulated and satisfied but not so much diversification that I don’t have focus and drive.” ”By taking the time to self reflect and determine your specific needs you can then advocate for yourself in your own energy and you can also ask for help in a specific laser focused way more helpful to the person you’re asking and more effective for you the asker.” ”Sometimes you’ve got a lot going on at once and sometimes you’re preparing to have a lot going on at once.” Links from the Episode: After Anatevka by Alexandra Silber White Hot Grief Parade by Alexandra Silber Connect with Hilary on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. This episode brought to you by the Side Hustle Starter Kit.

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