Rocking Midlife with Rob Robertson

By Cat Coluccio

Rocking Midlife™- the Podcast Season 1. Episode 10. Rob RobertsonI’m excited to feature a good friend of mine today – Rob Robertson. Rob is an Entrepreneur,Speaker and Productivity Expert specialising in Emotional Fitness and Technology, and howthese can combine to create time freedom, resilience and inner trust.His Emotional Fitness tools help grow emotional understanding, boost self-esteem and innertrust for a more organic free flow of success, and it is fantastic hearing a man advocatingthat men AND women can benefit from truly owning their emotions!The 3 key points that Rob shares in this interview are: 1. Our emotional range is like a muscle, if we don’t use it, then it will wither away.Emotions are our most important feedback mechanism, if we develop their fullrange, not just being comfortable in the positive space. This is the core of buildingtrue inner trust.2. Negative emotions are our greatest gift if we understand the message and how tointegrate and heal the source of them so that they don’t keep providing returnpatterns. This way we can get great growth and feedback from any negativeemotions. The Inner(Emotional Fitness) toolkit is a series of techniques to usenegative emotions for growth and healing to avoid them returning, these can bedone by yourself and are not complicated but do require a level of emotionalopenness.3. True freedom is linked to great Emotional Fitness because our emotions andunconscious programming have a strong link creating our thoughts, actions and self-esteem, the resilience and mental toughness to be fully present. Hence massive life-changing events occur by shifting Emotional Fitness for much more sustainable innertrust and resilience.You can find Robert at these links: *** www.unboxedperformance.comEnjoyed this episode of the Rocking Midlife™ Podcast Show? Please click subscribe, leave areview and share with your friends! ● Grab my Free gift 5 Tips to make your Midlife ROCK and be the first to find outwhenever a new episode of Rocking Midlife™- the Podcast drops!

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