Cosmic #41 - Youth, Changing Your Mind and Steering the Titanic - w/ Crista Valentino


Nov 2019

1 hr 20 min

Last month, I heard that the future belongs to the youth of the world. Would you agree?It feels like the youth is playing an important role indeed in the last year of climate mobilisation, with the school strikes etc. but in practice: how influential are young leaders in the boardrooms of the world? Are they even there to begin with? It was time to bring someone with field experience and a long list of ideas on the topic. Over the last few years at Coalition Wild, Crista Valentino trained over a thousand young leaders in 107 countries to unleash their potential to drive action projects in their community. Youth’s voice in decision making is a favorite topic of hers and I brought challenging questions, like “why are we marching for climate exactly?” or “Where do we expect serious answers come from” “How come so many organisations have become obsolete?”. Then she flipped this into a vibrant live therapy session I sure didn’t expect. Once more, I was reminded about how complex it is to change your mind. But how necessary! And you? What’s the last thing you changed your mind about? We keep in touch. Resourcefully, from somewhere in the Cosmos,✨☄ Camille.

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