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Live Call In Show – Ep 44 : Sal Perales & your calls on Solo, Rebels & The Last Jedi

By Planet Broadcasting

Sal Perales of Making Star Wars' Now This Is Podcasting! and joins us to discuss...   -Sal likes to play dress-up -Reluctant origins of Sal's Kanan Jarrus cosplay -The big impact Star Wars Rebels has had on the Perales household -The process of creating and maintaining a cosplay -The Perales family road trip to Lucasfilm -When Jason met Sal P -What will happen to Ezra and Kanan at the end of Rebels? -Vague endings vs definitive answers -Did Luke know he wasn't the first Jedi in the Rebellion? -The inconspicuous nature of a lightsaber hanging from one's belt -Ezra's lack of communication -Steele's scientific field research -Cross-media synergy -The easily-predictable Solo title -The official kid of the Steele Wars podcast, Jakob from Sydney, calls to discuss The Last Jedi trailer -Kylo's spinning is a good trick -What's in Luke's Ahch-To library? -Kyle Delaney from Toronto calls to tell us we're the soundtrack of his life -It's all about Rey -How does Snoke define "found?" -Sal has a level head -Jar Jar's finest 23 minutes -Would a Disney show kill off Ezra?   PLUS IN THE SIXTY MINUTE SUPPORTER BONUS SECTION   -Sal's thoughts on Ahsoka's fate -King Tom from Columbus has a harder domestic life thanks to Sal and Giant Porg karma -Reflecting on 5 years of Lucasfilm under Disney ownership -Pablo Hidalgo's sanity and the benefit of having an accessible LFL Story Group -King Tom trolls Steele on the way out the door -Sam Scorsone from New York sets the record straight on how to pronounce his name  -Death Star Booty Calls and Tarkin's busy schedule -Are too many gaps being filled in? -Sal's demand for a 41st FACPOV story -Steele can't get a straight answer (Thanks, Sal!) -The star of the next animated series  -Tyler from Las Vegas calls to discuss crazy theories -How many Lukes are there? -The best ways to kill off Ezra and Kanan -When should the next animated series take place? -Mike from Quarryville, PA calls to offer gratitude -Mike's daughter Zoe (from Star Wars Geek Girl!) needs to follow in Steele's footsteps -Jooklin makes a cameo! -Like many parents and teachers, Mike longs for adult interaction -Sal does karate -Robbo joins the show to blow our minds with a Rebels theory  -Sal christens Robbo with a questionable moniker -Robbo's proud dad moment -What pieces of new canon will stick? -Highlights of the Aftermath trilogy -Defending unorthodox lightsaber techniques   And much more! Support the show.

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