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How to give the worst presentation of your life!(it’s easier than you think!!)

By Niiamah Ashong

How to give the worst presentation of your life! (it’s easier than you think!!) --- I’m currently enrolling for 2 programs that start in January 2020 for which I’m incredibly proud and excited. I want to give you an opportunity to join us and immerse yourself in the unique communities of practice we create so you can experience and bring all of you to your life, work, and impact. 1) Trailblazer Oasis This program is for people who know that they are unique and different from other people AND want to leverage more of who they are to lead themselves and others to the next level of impact. A Trailblazer is someone who is willing to go through the risky, uncertain, and uncharted wilderness in order to make the path easier for others in future. The Oasis is your haven from it all to rejuvenate and recalibrate amongst a group of peers who challenge, champion, and change with you along your journey. You have a purpose, a mission, a message, and a vision of a future that is distrinct from the past. You aren’t interested in simply improving the status quo - you’re looking to transform the status quo towards a possibility few even realize. You have already been playing a "big game" in the eyes of other people in terms of impact, influence, and income, but you know that there is the next league you want to play at (and are having trouble consistently showing up that way). The Trailblazer Oasis is a Community of Practice specifically designed to help you authentically and powerfully lead others to a higher level of impact by up-leveling yourself in ways that are in integrity with you, your values, and your unique talents. We address the three most common challenges we find holding Trailblazers back - being misunderstood, being misaligned, and being mistaken that they are alone and need to do it a certain way to be successful. By the end of this 9 month Community of Practice, you’ll have transformed in several areas including: + Your Vision + Your Strategy + Your Mindset + Your Unique Talents + Your Energy + Your Tribe + Your Leadership + Your Next Level + Your Impact + Your Visibility + Your Support + Your Story + Your Platform + Your Message + Your Profit Individual clients who have gone through their personal Trailblazer Oasis program have seen results including: + Sharing their message to a 500-person audience within 1 mknth + Being featured on a TV show (and now...) + Hosting their own TV show + Launching their first group program/course + Posting their first Live videos + Enrolled high-level corporate clients + Organizing their first online communities + Speaking on panels and podcasts + and much more While these results are great, what makes this program unique is that each person is ACTIVELY CREATING THEIR VERSION OF THE FUTURE TODAY! They aren’t waiting to get their message out. They aren’t held back by the sheer size of their vision. And they aren’t wasting energy creating things that aren’t aligned with their vision because of someone else’s system. Instead They are creating the impact they want to see in larger waves in the future with the world they are in and are getting opportunities to take it to higher levels and more people at an Exponential rate. WARNING: If you choose to join us, please be aware that some goals might come faster than you had expected. And others may not come at all, in service of something more aligned with what you truly want to create. I am an expert at supporting people in creating community, impact, and transformation through their unique personality. The Trailblazer Oasis is limited to 10 Trailblazers and is starting in January 2020. This is designed as a group of peers, so you can join by invitation, referral, or application only If you are ready to take your unique impact to the next level, then we should talk. Send me a message and we can explore from there. 2) Unapologetically You This program is all about practicing how you can Be More You for you. At

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