Ep.8: Why are Millenials Entitled?

By Sean Si

That being said, why do people say that millennials are entitled? Apple thinks that it can be boiled down to how our parents pampered us. How they made sure that we won’t experience the hardships that they did when they were young. Another point worth noting is the rise of digital. Things were definitely tougher before. She further shares that humans, in general, are entitled. We think that life is supposed to be that easy. And at the end of the day, it’s a lie. Life is tough. I personally think that social media fuels a lot of the entitlement that we already have. And in that case, you can say that It’s not just the millennials, but all the people, that are entitled. Take into consideration the 10th commandment. You would already know that people are capable of that kind of mentality, much like jealousy where some people think that they deserve something just because they saw someone have it on social media. One of the things that propelled this idea of entitlement is that when most of our parents asked for something from their parents, they didn’t get it. During our generation, our parents provided us with things that we didn’t necessarily ask for primarily for our convenience. Kevin thinks that that aspect is something we just carried on with us. The idea that our parents pampered us so much that we felt like we deserved such treatment. You can say that your parents are the people that can have the most influence in your character and your perspective of the world. Although not necessarily something that you can immediately learn about a person, this is something that anyone that is managing millennials should at least understand. For those who are actively handling millennials, you can do a lot of things to remedy this entitlement mentality. As people who are part of the management, you have the advantage of having this forced respect where the millennial team members are forced to listen to you. You have a platform to talk to them. Make relationships. When you create relationships, millennials are susceptible to putting their guard down, they ask what exactly this person is trying to teach me. When you talk about personal wisdom, it can affect them on a deeper level. We must keep in mind that even with how easy it is to communicate with people nowadays, people are growing more distant in terms of intimate wisdom. For SEO Hacker, one of the main reasons that helps keep entitlement at bay is us writing down and living out our core values. One of our core values is grit. Which means that you have the resilience and the tenacity to keep moving forward despite all odds. Mistakes are nothing more than opportunities to get better. And that the world is not a wonderland that will make sure you’re happy all the time. Nobody needs entitlement. It’s one of the things that is not needed in the workplace. It’s bunched together with things like gossip. It’s something that we, as the management, need to keep it at bay.   Support the show (https://tribe.leadershipstack.com/)

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