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Week 29 - 23rd July

By Eloquent Gushing

Matthew's Letterboxd Watchlist Matthew's Letterboxd Diary iTunes RSS Feed Google Play Stitcher Radio TuneIn Tuesday 17th was the first day in about 4 weeks that I didn't watch a movie. I think making sure I watch one a day was really helpful for building up a head of steam and enjoying the movie watching - I'm not under pressure to fit more than one in to make up for other days, so I need to try to get an even longer streak going now. Killer's Kiss Continuing to watch the Kubrick films I hadn't seen before, this felt like a very conventional noir story, both in the writing and execution. However you can see how much is being done on a very small budget with the crew making a lot out of a little, and the performances given space to breathe and develop since they are unencumbered by too much plot. Okja Having enjoyed the Host immensely I'm going to seek out more films from Bong Joon-Ho. If I'd known this had Tilda Swinton AND Jake Gyllenhaal AND Shirley Henderson in it I would have made a point to watch it much sooner. It's always odd to watch a film that feels like it should be pitched as a moralistic lesson for children, but featuring language and visuals much more adult than they should be subjected to. I really enjoyed the film though, it was a great piece of science fiction and an interesting adventure yarn. Swiss Army Man Talking of odd films... I did not expect this to be quite as weird as it was. Some interesting moments and thoughts, but way darker by the end than it seemed it would be. DC Super Hero Girls: Intergalactic Games This definitely goes on the list of films that are better in their first half than their second. The DC in-jokes, the character moments, and the general comedy was superb through the first couple of acts, then it descends into an incredibly long series of fight sequences that don't deliver anything near the same quality. Still good fun though, this is an excellent series. Thor: Ragnarok This was superb at the cinema, and it's superb at home. I still wish the 'reveal' in the fight in the middle hadn't happened on trailers, but that notwithstanding this is one of the few occasions Marvel have made their protagonists fight that has been natural. Every performance in this is exquisite, Cate Blanchett's delivery and look are some of the best we've had from an MCU villain, and Taika Waititi's writing is still head and shoulders above everyone else. Much Ado About Nothing This is the 2011 version starring David Tennant and Catherine Tate, which we're covering for Pop Culturally Deprived. It's significantly less abridged than the Whedon version, although similarly brought into a more modern context. A couple of the changes didn't work for me - the visit to the tomb especially - but there were others I did like, Leonato's brother becoming a wife is definitely one. The two leads are fabulous, although I didn't enjoy Beatrice's overhearing scene since it gave Tate less chance to react and deliver some good moments and was about the unbelievable slapstick. Paths of Glory More Kubrick, and you can see everything in this of what he would become. The camera is distant and not judgemental throughout, but the performances from the actors let you know how distasteful the superior officers and how sympathetic the troops all are. If anything the superiors are a touch too moustache twirling, but otherwise this is an incredibly well-told tale that is taut with tension through its second half. DC Super Hero Girls: Hero of the Year I seem to be working backwards through these somehow. Less funny than Intergalactic Games, but still a really good film with a surprising number of stories for the giant ensemble, all coming together and delivering a great film for children. Recommendation I don't think I need to recommend Thor: Ragnarok because you've all seen it I'm sure. So it's a tie between DC Super Hero Girls: Intergalactic Games and Paths of Glory. If you're looking for some good family fun and you'll appreciate jokes about and by DC characters, Intergalactic Games has all that turned up to 11. If you want a gripping wartime tale of power, corruption, and inhumanity then Paths of Glory is definitely for you, told through the lens of one of the greatest directors.

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