Craig and Colette Toach Equipping You to Prophesy (Ep. 78)

Adventures in The Spirit with Jared Laskey

Mar 16

34 min 6 sec

This is a fun and exciting episode. Craig and Colette Toach of Next Gen Prophets podcast risked it as we went live to have this incredible discussion on prophecy. We discuss what God is doing through them, how to hear God, how to prophesy over kings and presidents, and they activate you to prophesy! Listen and share this adventure with all your friends. Download Fireborn Ministries free prophetic activation and grow deeper in fellowship with the Holy Spirit, learn how to prophesy, or know more about the 'last days,’ enroll in our e-courses at Charisma on Or partner with us by giving towards our outreach to the underground church in nations closed to the gospel and our Skype crusades in Pakistan Co-edited by Lydia Laskey, my 11-year-old daughter.

Podcast Episode