Middle Finger To The Status Quo

By Derek Oxley

Some of my best thoughts occur while I'm on the throne, on one such occasion, I happen to see two post with a similar pose and that was a trigger for me-Lol.  I vowed in a Facebook post to trow my phone out the window and scream if I saw one more picture with a woman posing with one leg bent.  It was an obvious joke.  I love people, I love my people, I love women and you'll never catch me degrading women periodt!    After giving some additional thought to the matter I wrote a Medium piece about it:  "Is It Time To Retire The Contrapposto?"  Contrapposto (Italian pronunciation: [kontrapˈposto]) is an Italian term that means “counterpoise.” When I woke up the next morning, I went live on Facebook and touched on everything, from Fanny Packs to why I hate Skechers for make knocks offs of Nike and even Hoka.  Nia The Author happened to be on the live, when I started talking about having the courage to pursue your dreams-If you haven't got a copy of her book swing by her page.   Oh yeah I haven't mentioned my Ko-fi page.  The launching of my Ko-fi page is me embracing my talents, this is me walking in my purpose, this is me taking the leap, acknowledging that what I'm doing is providing a valuable service for the audience, the guest and the sponsors.  BTW Podcast is a business. I took the leap 4years ago to drive for Uber/Lyft Full-time, so I could have the flexibility to devote to building BTW Podcast.  Ko-fi is platform that will allow entrepreneurs/business owners to sponsor an episode PRE, MID or POST roll, it also allows you to buy me a cup of coffee. Thanks for accompanying my on this ride.  Leave a voicemail to let us know how we’re doing and receive a shout out in a future episode.  --- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/derek-oxley/message Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/derek-oxley/support

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