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EastEnders Weekly EP 34: Bernie and Jagger’s Tiff

By EastEnders Weekly

Welcome to Eastenders Weekly, the weekly podcast all about Eastenders. This week we discuss episodes of Eastenders from 1st to 5th October. It’s time to shuffle on down to the Square and find out what’s been going on! We begin by getting into the mindset of a teenager and try our hardest to imagine being ‘cool’.  We discuss Tiff’s infatuation with Jagger and her insistance for him to pay her attention, but she might have gone too far. We go knocking on the door of 23 Albert Square for  “A Brief History of Walford” - We discuss the stories that have happened in those four walls, when it became a house for the Slater’s and bed sits in the 80’s.  All the way to present day and the current residents… Contact us on Twitter @eastendersweek - Instagram @eastendersweeklypodcast - E-mail We have launched our BRAND NEW MERCH STORE! Please check out our Original ‘Queen Vic Bust’ design available on everything you can think of! Start shopping > Ray is starting to show his darker side, and has a lot of secrets that seem to be unraveling - but the cool Irishman knows how to keep control. It’s everyone’s favourite EastEnders game! ‘Martin Fowler’s 5 - a - Day’!  Can you find five asnwers to this week’s question - tweet us and let us know! Stuart has admited it was him, but he still has to convince his haters.  Does Stuart manipulate Linda to be on his side? We finish the weeks round up with only the greatest love story of all time… Keanu and Sharon.  But they may have made a mistake! Time to go, but not before the “Poll of the Week” results and a real life our ‘Duff-Duff’ Don’t forget you can contact us through the following methods; Twitter @eastendersweek - Instagram @eastendersweeklypodcast - E-mail We have received lots of great messages and we try to reply to them all and read out your tweets or messages on our podcast… So please keep them coming! We LIVE TWEET every Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday when EastEnders is broadcast in the UK. Please leave a review on iTunes... Subscribe, Follow and Share… and for all things ‘Enders visit: Huge Thanks to for our Podcast Theme TIME STAMPS (Don’t skip too much, you might miss something you’ll like!) 00:00:00 - Hello and Welcome to your weekly round up from The Square! 00:02:06 - Bernie’s Bangers and Tiff’s Loved Up. 00:18:56 - “A Brief History of Walford” - 23 Albert Square 00:37:48 - Mel sniffs around Ray. 00:56:29 - “Martin Fowler’s 5 - a - Day” - Game 01:01:55 - Linda’s Trust is Broken 01:14:17 - Sharon’s Chauffeur 01:23:42 - Results from our ‘Poll of the Week’ and this week’s ‘Duff Duff’!

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