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187 JSJ Vue.js with Evan You


JS Remote Conf will be held from Thursday, January 14th - Saturday, January 16th! Sign up today!   01:59 - Evan You Introduction Twitter GitHub Blog Meteor 02:34 - Vue.js vs Competitors and Motivators Behind the Framework Evan You: Vue.js: A (Re)introduction 07:18 - Use Cases 10:06 - Overlapping Elements and The Component System Getting Started Guide 11:21 - Pulling in Data 12:50 - DOM Manipulation 13:38 - Ease of Getting Started 15:33 - Directives 16:18 - Adoption awesome-vue vue (GitHub) 19:50 - The Future of Vue.js 21:59 - What is Vue.js Not Good At? 23:07 - Testing 24:06 - Vue, Angular, and React: Reactivity and Performance Knockout 29:06 - Tradeoffs 30:54 - Edgecases 32:14 - webpack 33:46 - Bundling 35:38 - Benchmarks js-repaint-perfs   More on Vue.js Laravel Podcast Episode 37: I Love The Things You Are Saying Developer Tea: Part One: Paul Straw & Sean Washington (@paulstraw & @seanwashington) talk about focus, JavaScript frameworks, and rites of passage (starting around 16:25) Picks Daredevil (Dave) AlgoRythmics (Aimee) Relative Finder (Chuck) FamilySearch (Chuck) Hard Graft (Evan) Piano Phase (Evan)

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