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The balance between thinking and doing / Fumiko Ichikawa / Episode #65

By Service Design Show

Do you take the time to really reflect on your work and consciously think if the things you're doing are impactful? I guess we all recognise this to a certain degree: When you're caught up with the day to day operational stuff you rarely of (or rather take) the time to think critically about what you're doing. And we all know where that sometimes leads to... So in this episode Fumiko Ichikawa talks about ways to find more balance between thinking and doing as a design practitioner. We also look at another very interesting topic in this episode... A common challenge in a lot of service design projects is that as soon as the external agency leaves, the project loses most of it's momentum. Fumiko shares, from her own experience, a very effective way to increase the chance that the solution you're working on actually stays alive once you're gone. The answer to this will likely give you a different perspective on what a deliverable of a service design project might be. And finally we talk about the tendency of stakeholders to jump from research mode into ideation / solution mode. What can you do to allow for more time and deeper reflection? This episode is filled with great practical insights so I really hope you enjoy it! ---------------------------------------- EPISODE GUIDE 05:00 - The first encounter with Service Design. 06:20 - How can we balance thinking and doing? 13:20 - What if we can establish community through the design process? 20:35 - Why do we need to reframe? 28:35 - Big Question: How do YOU balance thinking and doing? ---------------------------------------- LINKS FROM THE EPISODE Fumiko on LinkedIn ➜ Re:public ➜ Reach Network ➜ MORE EPISODES Enjoyed the show? Take a look at some of the other episodes. YOUTUBE Every episode of the Service Design Show is also available as via the official YouTube channel. FACEBOOK Check the Facebook page where you'll find more content and can discuss the episodes. INSTAGRAM Get an exclusive behind the scenes look of the Show. ---------------------------------------- [FREE COURSE] HOW TO EXPLAIN SERVICE DESIGN Learn what it takes to get your clients, colleagues, managers, CEOs and even grandmas as excited about service design as you are!

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