Funding of local faith actors during COVID-19

By Geneva Peacebuilding Platform

A podcast by Partnership for Religion and Development, Islamic Relief, World Vision International, World Evangelical Alliance, Side by Side. Religious communities and actors can and have shown to be sources of guidance and support, sharing the responsibility of care and acting as a support network to vulnerable groups during the pandemic. In many contexts, faith actors have played an important role through creative and practical approaches to alleviate the impact of COVID-19 measures and effects on vulnerable populations.  This podcast is a collaboration with Islamic Relief Worldwide, World Vision International, Side by Side and World Evangelical Alliance, who lead PaRD’s work-streams on Health, Gender, Environments and Peace. PARD's contribution to the Geneva Peace Week 2020 is a dialogue with local and international religious actors, who are each addressing the challenges  COVID-19 has had on their community.  We will take you to Delhi, Birmingham, The Democractic Republic of Congo, Myanmar, and Thailand, to see what faith leaders and representatives of faith groups have done in response to COVID-19, what were their success and challenges, and what stories of hope emerged from that.  Featuring:  Justine Aenishaenslin, World Vision International (narrator), Kuki Rokum, Evangelical Fellowship of India Commission on Relief known as EFICOR (speaker), Shahin Ashraf, Head of Global Advocacy at Islamic Relief Worldwide (speaker), Reverend Siyani, Senior Pastor at Tabernacle of Power (speaker), Wah Wah Yeh, Program Manager at the Spirits in Education Movement, and Som-boon Chung-pram-pree or (Moo) who is the  Executive Secretary for the  International Network of Engaged Buddhists  based in Thailand. Contributions to the Geneva Peace Week 2020 Digital Series do not necessarily represent the views of the Geneva Peacebuilding Platform, its partners, or the partners of Geneva Peace Week.

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