E.113 Intuition, Inner Child Work & Plant Medicine with Molly J. Wilder

By Lauren Saunders

Welcome back, Aligned Entrepreneurs! In this episode, Life Coach Molly J. Wilder came onto the show to speak all about her healing journey. Molly opened up about how plant medicine saved her life, how she uses inner child work to transform core beliefs, and how getting present in her body is what allows her to tap into her intuition. She shares about how entrepreneurs can use inner child work to overcome limiting beliefs in their businesses and gives tips on manifesting without attaching to outcomes.  Plus, she shares how she created her dream love story and recent engagement through getting clear on what she wanted and radically saying ‘no’ to anything that wasn’t in alignment. Molly exudes calm, peaceful energy --  if you’re ready to feel seen and supported as you work through emotions that come up in your business, then this episode is for you!    Connect with Molly:   Visit her website: https://mollyjwilder.com/ Follow her on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/mollyjwilder/  Book a Tarot reading: http://mollyjwilder.com/tarot-readings/    Overview:   00:30 - Intro to Molly Wilder 05:29 - The process of uncovering our essence as women 07:05 - Molly’s love story manifestation 09:15 - Why you can’t put restrictions on the universe for how things are going to happen 10:03 - Molly’s proposal 12:02 - About inner child work and Molly’s experience with it 13:19 - Understanding unintegrated emotions 16:27 - Feeling emotions versus fixing them 17:00 - The power of getting present with ourselves and discerning between thinking and feeling 18:04 - How embodiment plays out in manifestation 18:52 - How getting to our core beliefs lead to breakthroughs 21:19 - The friendly ego 21:59 - How the belief of “I’m not enough” helps you survive in the world and stay connected to the people around you 23:25 - The power of having compassion for our core beliefs 25:05 - Lauren’s practice of writing letters to her inner child 28:03 - How inner child work has transformed Molly’s life 30:45 - The importance of continuously reevaluating what you want to do in your business 32:40 - How our bodies are antennas that pick up the messages of the universe 35:15 - Molly’s experience with ayahuasca 43:00 - Psychedelic education 44:50 - Mindset and alignment as a business owner 48:31 - The Surrender Experiment by Michael Singer 50:10 - How the money kept showing up when Molly left her job 51:47 - How Molly visualized and manifested paying off her debt 52:29 - How Molly manifested her partner 55:32 - Molly’s passion for Tarot 59:34 - How we have all of the answers inside of us

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