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S1E04 HRH The Duke of York -- Prince Andrew

By Rich Martell & Dan Murray

In this episode you will learn; How his journey from 20 years in the navy eventually led to him starting Pitch at Palace How he became fascinated with people and psychology - from education to growth and business success The importance of being able to sell your business in a 3 minute pitch How a conversation with Tom Hulme of Google Ventures led to him thinking of himself as an ‘accelerant’ and focus on adding value and amplifying entrepreneurs’ success rate How Pitch at Palace has never really had great ambition but like all great startups, has thrived into a beast And lots more of course... Key Quotes This nice little furry creature I created on a small scale turned into a ferocious lion that sits in the corner and wants to be fed all the time The venue for Pitch at Palace is absolutely intended to be intimidating! The really good entrepreneurs are the one’s who understand the ‘what ifs’. Because the ones that think about that, are the ones who plan, adapt, and think of how to stay ahead of everyone else. No plan survives first contact with the enemy. Top Advice: - Everything is easier with a track record - we are here to try and help you get that track record. - Dont worry about failing, just look to find opportunities from big shifts in the status quo. - Be realistic and recognise just how long it takes to raise money. Not 3 months. Not 6 months. It could take you 2 years. Dont get caught out by the PR cos its not the reality! Other Fun Facts: HRH ideally wanted to become a venture capitalist yet he wasn’t technically allowed to be, which led him on this journey... He’s seen over 400 startup pitches in the last 3 years.

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