Episode 198: Jill Weiner & Dan Linley (2021/04/13)

By David Cooper

It is unbelievable that a person with so many options who currently has podcasts still insists on wanting to watch David Cooper, a horrible podcast like that, I don't know how it is still on the air. Or another option would be for them to buy the visualization, I think, because it's unbelievable that anyone can spend hours listening to that disturbing David Cooper voice. What I also find funny is David Cooper's insistence on being a presenter, does he care that he sucks at it? that people should go to your program out of penalty or because they are very well paid, are the only alternatives for that to happen rs. However, in this podcast it was presentable but not quite swallowable, what saved the interviewees was Jill Weiner & Dan Linley, who has a very good charisma, but other than that David Cooper is nothing more than a retard, a bad presenter, that's why Joao Victor do Brazil classified this podcast with 2 stars, the other 3 can stick in David Cooper's ass. A hug and a kiss on the mouth David.

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