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Starting a Food Revolution with Ocean Robbins

By JJ Virgin

Ocean Robbins talks about his family history, how his father turned his back on wealth to live a healthier and richer life, and becoming a bestselling author who inspired millions of Americans to change their choices. Ocean continues inspiring people to become more aware of their food choices, as well as encouraging doctors to learn more about nutrition. Listen to this podcast to find out more about GMOs and how you could avoid their very serious effects in your life; learn how to change your diet, and your health as a result. Begin the food revolution now!   Key Takeaways: [:52] Ocean Robbins’ career and personal life [4:54] How did his father walk away from the family wealth pursuing his beliefs? [5:47] Diet for a New America bestseller in 1997 [9:41] Food is the foundation of health. [10:03] The underlying cause of all our symptoms is how we are eating. [10:20] How the American diet is creating the main cause of death [11:15] Doctors need to know more about nutrition. [14:27] What was the promise of GMOs, and what has actually happened? [17:02] Pesticides that cause cancer are being spread over crops. [18:07] How to avoid GMOs [19:20] A lot of GMOs are hidden in hyper-processed foods. [19:40] Processed foods cost more than whole foods. [21:01] Food revolution summits [22:29] Start every day with, “How can I do my best with what life has given to me?” [25:08] Food intolerances and sugar are hiding everywhere. [26:33] How to start cooking healthier for your family? [26:44] Find a farmer's market near you. [27:20] Do not buy prepared food. [28:28] Have a slow-cooker. [29:43] Buy seasonal, buy local.   Mentioned in This Episode: Facebook Jjvirgin official

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