The UK Music Diversity Report 2020 With Christine Osazuwa, Paulette Long OBE & Ammo Talwar MBE

How Music Charts

Nov 2020

1 hr 28 min

SEE THE 2020 UK MUSIC DIVERSITY REPORT HERE: How Music Charts, we try to bring a new perspective to the music business, and today that perspective is from me! I’m Christine Osazuwa, Global Marketing Director of Data & Insights at Warner Music Group. I was also the first guest on this podcast back in December 2019, which at this point, seems about 100 years ago.In honor of UK Black History Month, I’ve taken over today’s episode with a different take on music data! In addition to my day job, I am also a Co-Chair of Warner Music Group UK’s BAME employee resource group, The Link. As a Nigerian-American working in the UK music industry, I am committed to a diverse and equitable music business and the power that data can bring to any conversation. Given that context, I’m thrilled to introduce today’s guests: Paulette Long OBE and Ammo Talwar MBE.Paulette has served as Deputy Chair for the UK Music Diversity Taskforce since 2016, while Ammo has served as Chair since 2019. With decades of music industry experience between Paulette and Ammo, spanning publishing, arts education, marketing, PR, artist management, and even running record shops, they have both been recognized under the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire by the Queen for their enduring contributions to the UK’s cultural industries. While we could speak for hours about their accomplishments, today we’ll focus on their latest one: the 2020 UK Music Diversity Report, which, by the time you hear this, will be available online.In addition to diving into the report’s data, we’ll use our time together to discuss the importance of diversity, representation & accountability to progress the industry and create the culture we want to see within our workplaces and around the world.Disclaimer: All opinions and views expressed by the guests and host are theirs alone, and do not in any way constitute the opinions or views of any company they work for or have been associated with.Connect With the Host & GuestsHost: With Us (@chartmetric)

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