23. Goodwill Glowup

By Da Eun Kim & Sophia Sun

Sophia's emotional journey with fashion has been impacted by so many factors: by how her parents engage with fashion, by her childhood growing up in a Chinese immigrant church community, by puberty, by ted talks, by fashion influencers, by the financial freedom of working a tech job, and by thrifting.In this episode, we talk about the ted talks and life events that inspire our mindset that fashion isn't frivolous, but a powerful tool to align how we show up in the world (which always involves clothing) with who we want to be. At the end, we suggest styles for each other to try out!The ted talks we reference are: "Dressing for Confidence and Joy" (https://youtu.be/L5n3V0VYGNg) and "Change Your Closet, Change Your Life" (https://youtu.be/WiVHSRY2I5Y).Support the show (https://www.buymeacoffee.com/bambooandglass)

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