Shannon Wild - Coffee + Komodos

By Daniel Clarke

Shannon Wild! is an absolutely incredible wildlife photographer and cinematographer. Shannon has worked with clients such as Nat Geo WILD, WildAid, and the United Nations. She has written three books, runs photographic expeditions, and founded Wild In Africa, a business that creates handmade beaded bracelets that are very cool, but even cooler is that she donates 50% of sales to carefully selected wildlife conservation organizations that she has worked directly with. Shannon is also married to another friend of the podcast, Russell MacLaughlin, who was on the podcast a couple months ago. They do a lot of their work together so you will hear us mention Russ quite a few times in the conversation. We talk about: - their film on the black panther in India - standing next to a Komodo dragon - what it’s like to be attacked by a cheetah ....and much, much more! Please check out and support Shannon’s work: YouTube: full video @ Sources for topics discussed: RED cameras: Komodo dragons video: Cheetah attack: Cheetah ‘supermoms’ / Eleanor: Blue white-lipped viper Komodo Island: RED collective ‘The Wilds’: Margot Raggett IG: Michelle Valberg IG: Cristina Mittermeier IG: Ami Vitale IG: Dhole / elephant: Nespresso: Wild In Africa: Wild Tomorrow Fund: Zambian Carnivore Programme: Conan O’Brien podcast: Lizards eating insects on lions: Half Earth project: Alive book / Uruguayan Rugby team: Shannon Wild’s YouTube: --- Support this podcast:

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