Episode 190: Hannah Marianetti, pt. 2 (2021/01/21)

By David Cooper

This is Episode 190, and we are back with David Cooper on his show "This Is Going Well, I Think with David Cooper". Today's guest is Hannah Marianetti, a friend of Davids and a radio talk show host, i think. After a brief talk, we get a caller, asking for help on Zelda. Then after some more talk, we have Tony calling in. He brings some fun to the conservation. Add to it Jay Jay, after quite many weeks now. With this trio we get the best of David's show and throw in Miranda to it, the show jumps up several notches. Then we get a lot of talk, on, you guessed it, Donald Trump. The talk goes on long with various topics including dating advice to a 46 years old. This is MarU from India rating this show a 3.5 out of 5, this more of a typical David Cooper show with a lots of cuss words, Tony, JayJay, random callers, This is the kind of episode i would like to listen to, but would be great if it was edited to a smaller duration. And of course we miss Miranda!!

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