Trust the Niggle, Tell the Truth!

By Candice Smiley

“I am going to make everything around me beautiful - that will be my life.” -Elsie De Wolfe    This quote is my subtle mission in life... ❤   I’m a mom to an amazing little girl, girlfriend to an amazing man, a social marketer with an amazing online values-driven company (, a thought leader (Instagram@candicecreation ), and multi-entrepreneur. I find a ton of my life’s joy in connecting people, to other people, places, and things.   It's not about hustle, it's about heart. It's not about push, it's about attraction... and you don't attract what you want, you attract WHO YOU ARE. (   I love speaking, writing, creating, traveling, and connecting. A natural leader and disruptor. I have a passion for helping men and women to trust the niggle (trust themselves), tell the truth (boundaries are an amazing thing), and speak, even when their voice shakes. I'm a champion for the underdog, the word “can't” doesn't exist in my vocabulary and I believe that taking radical responsibility in your life changes everything.   So choose brave. Choose you. Listen to the nudges from within and live... live here and now. Episode Shownotes:  “We don't need more noise, we just need more people who are living on purpose in their truth.”  -Candice Smiley   Have you ever felt like you should be doing something different but you’re not? If you are among those who are questioning their purpose and existence, you are on the right page! Episode Zero of Create the Ripple Podcast is about trusting your niggle and telling the truth. Discover the What's, the Why's, and the How's, and a dose of timeless wisdom in today's episode! Tune in, like, love, comment, and subscribe! We’d love to hear from you.    Highlights: 00:49 What is a Niggle?  06:13 Why Tell the Truth 11:32 Take Radical Responsibility

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