179 Emily McGuire Stop Sending Email Newsletters

By Bill Cushard

OK. I get that you want to nurture your leads, but is your email newsletter really helping your audience? Or are you just trying to stuff as much information into that email as you can. Be honest. We’ve all done it. Added more topics to the newsletter to make it more informational. And just when you think you're done, the VP says, “Before you send the newsletter, add a blurb about the new professional services offering.” Good grief.  The newsletter is no longer about your audience. It’s about you. Emily McGuire wants you to stop sending your email newsletter altogether. It’s not helpful. You are angering your audience, wasting your time, and most importantly, you are not driving your business forward.  We talk to Emily about some alternatives to your newsletter. It doesn’t mean don’t send emails. Emily is an email marketing expert. She’s not going to tell you that. Emily is going to tell you about better ways to use email. Email that is both helpful to your audience and good for your business.  More about Emily:Her blog post: “Stop Sending Newsletters” Her websiteOn Linkedin Get on the email list at helpingsells.substack.com

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