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TwoBrain Marketing Episode 2: Jeff Jucha

By Chris Cooper & Greg Strauch

 Two Brain Marketing Episode 2: Jeff Jucha Today we are joined by Jeff Jucha, owner of West Little Rock CrossFit. Jeff is an amazing CrossFit owner and contributor to the Two Brain family. After suffering from a life changing car accident in 2004, Jeff changed his life and began eating healthier and working out on a regular basis. This shift in mindset has allowed Jeff to develop a tremendous CrossFit business where he prides himself on helping others make meaningful change in their lives. Today we learn about Jeff’s start with CrossFit, his gym in Arkansas, and how Two Brain has impacted the growth of his business.  Don’t Forget about the 2019 Two Brain Summit, June 8-9 in Chicago! This year we have some amazing topics and guests for both yourself and your coaches. Click here to register and sign up now! Contact Jeff:jeff@westlittlerockcrossfit.com Timeline:1:00 – Introduction to Jeff Jucha4:05 – The humble beginnings of starting a CrossFit gym in a garage10:43 – Signing up with Two Brain and bringing change to the gym.13:04 – How has Two Brain changed your gym since joining?17:48 – Selling more than just a workout at CrossFit23:01 – The difficulty of wearing all the hats within your business25:05 – The Two Brain philosophy for using paid ads33:18 – How mentorship helped Jeff build his business and led him to success36:35 – How to contact Jeff Announcer:                            00:02                       Welcome everyone to TwoBrain radio. It is our mission at TwoBrain to provide 1 million entrepreneurs the freedom to live the life that they choose. Join us every week as we discover the very best practices to achieve perfect day and move you closer to wealth.Mateo Lopez:                        00:26                       Welcome to The TwoBrain Marketing podcast. I'm your host Teo Lopez. This is our first time using these fancy mics and these fancy headphones. But for those new who are tuning in, I'm one of the digital market mentors at TwoBrain Business. Thanks for listening. This is our weekly dose of digital marketing magic. Every week we're going to go over marketing campaign strategies, useful tips and updates to keep you in the loop on the ever changing landscape of advertising on the Internet for Your Business. And we just want to make sure you stay ahead of the curve so your business can continue to grow. And today we've got a special guest, Jeff Jucha over, uh, over in West Little Rock, Arkansas, or Kansas.Mateo Lopez:                       

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