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028 - Maintaining Motivation through Functional Foundations

By Dr. Michelle Rogers

Today I want to dive deep into maintaining motivation, since our theme this month is mindset and motivation. Now we’ve talked a lot about initiating that motivation by finding your core WHY - if this sounds foreign to you, check out Episode 22, where I cover the “five why exercise”. I also go over it in depth in my free online course - Creating Healthy Change, That Lasts… BUT maintaining that motivation is a whole other story, right? Once you’ve got that dose of motivation, you want to ride that wave as long as possible. Unfortunately, what I typically see happen is that they want to dive all in and tackle ALL THE THINGS - nutrition, exercise, water intake, supplements… But the thing is, we’ve been socialized for instant gratification. This means, when we go all in and have expectations to feel like a new woman after a week or two, and then that doesn’t really happen as planned, we can get really discouraged and slip back into our old habits. So, knowing this, and seeing it frequently with the women I work with, it’s important to focus on the small incremental changes that make the most significant impact. Listen to this week's episode and find out the four foundational pillars I focus on and the strategy I use to make sustainable healthy change.

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