Episode 2: Salesforce Summer '19 Top picks

Salesforce Posse Podcast

Jun 2019

27 min 12 sec

Listen in as we talk about the Summer 19 release and how it affects you as a developer! Summer'19 release notes - full version Summer'19 release notes by Salesforce Reddit community - the abridged version Our Dev highlights:

Maximum Debug log size increased to 20MB ; It's great but we need enterprise-level LogStream functionality Real-time event monitoring Make Long Running calls with Continuations You can now use LWC in Aura Apps, in Visualforce pages, and also add it to Lightning Out Asynchronous Apex Triggers Track Data Changes to External Objects More Easily View Data Updates in Real Time with Live Controller (Beta) Named Credentials now supports JWT auth protocol Lightning Flow: Apex Building Blocks with types in Flow

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