#54: Bankruptcy, Building Websites & Business Partners with Nathan Lomax

Entrepreneurs Can Party

Sep 2020

54 min 33 sec

“There are only so many weeks you can sit in the trenches and dig…” – Nathan LomaxNathan Lomax is a Co-Founder and Director for Quickfire Digital: an award-winning digital transformation agency that specialises in helping clients build and manage WordPress and Shopify systems.Despite setbacks in his personal life, Nathan enjoyed early success in business and was soon in a position to outsource web development work to his team in India. Following costly lessons and money spent on a rebrand, he joined forces with two business partners and Quickfire Digital was born. Three years in, the company is now a team of 17 is close to turning over £1 million.As well as being a founding director for this award-winning agency, Nathan mentors students at the University of Anglia and is in the process of setting up 2 charities: one to celebrate what those with autism can achieve and The Giveaway Gang which gives presents to those less fortunate at Christmas.In our wide-ranging conversation, we dive into his family’s bankruptcy and how this continues to drive him; the benefits of hiring a personal coach; the many mistakes Nathan has made in business; how the “plus, equals, minus” model has helped him grow; and so much more!You can find Nathan at the following:LinkedIn: Nathan LomaxWebsite:quickfiredigital.com Podcast: Addicted to Business

Key Points:What is Quickfire Digital? ()Talking about his family’s bankruptcy and how this continues to drive him ()How the “plus, equals, minus” model has helped him grow ()A match made in heaven ()The benefits of hiring a personal coach ()“You’re nothing without your team” ()Nathan’s first business and the many mistakes he has made

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