Mind Your Mornings with Anna Chandy - Episode 1 - Empathy

Mind your Mornings

Jun 2020

19 min 8 sec

This is episode one of Mind Your Mornings. And in this episode I’ll delve deeper into a word that is spoken about a lot, but very rarely understood. Today, let’s talk about Empathy. Most of us, at some point, have felt that someone close to us lacks empathy. It could be your spouse, partner, parents, friend, co-worker...Sometimes in mid-conversation, you realise the other person is just not getting you. Or they snap at you. Or tell you to move on, get over it. Or shift the topic entirely, very often to themselves. And then what happens to you? You are left confused, and maybe even angry, irritated or frustrated. You feel unheard! Sounds familiar? Listen now to learn more.

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