Solo Female Traveler Natasha Sattler Breaks Down How to Get Comfortable Traveling the World Alone

Deliberate Living

May 24

47 min 14 sec

Natasha Sattler has long been a traveler and over the last decade, she’s dialed in on how to be a global solo female traveler while maintaining her demanding, rewarding job in commercial production in LA. In today’s show, we talk about her evolution as a traveler, where fear & confidence come from, and she gives a whole load of actionable takeaways to make traveling part of your future.Shownotes for THIS episode: the Podcast:Venmo: Me:Instagram: Tools I Use to Produce This Podcast:Buzzsprout (Get $20 by using this link to set up your own Buzzsprout account: )iMovieZoomAn old, refurbished MacBook Air I've owned least 5 yearsCanva (Earn a Canva Credit by using this link to set up your own Canva account: )--Basically, nothing special. I started creating this with the tools that were available to me and they're largely free to use. Photos Courtesy of Foll Exposures: & Outro Music: Wallpaper by Kevin MacLeodLink: description contains affiliate links. If you decide to make a purchase, I may receive a small kickback which helps to support the channel and bring you more content like this. Thanks! 

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