09: Nerves, Body Image, “Happiness Differentials”, and Radiohead

By Lauren Fleshman & Jesse Thomas

This week the work, sport, family balance in the Flomas house was less of a flashy juggling act and more of a clumsy dropping things and throwing them at the wall. From birthday parties to high school reunions, peak triathlon training and sleep training, Lauren and Jesse keep it real on managing it all (or not), diffusing fights with snacks (works for kids and adults alike!), and this week’s listener questions: Dealing with pre-race anxiety Managing the athlete/coach relationship Maintaining healthy body image after competitive racing/training Approaching a “happiness differential” in a relationship Jesse tries to compare himself to Radiohead, then gets a little more realistic with Matchbox 20, in talking about nerves before a big event. Lauren’s reflections on how she managed her nervousness with running and now performing music prove a little more insightful, especially when Jesse adds his suggestion for sandbagging as a pressure reliever. (Hey, whatever works?) The conversation continues with plenty of lighthearted and more serious revelations about coach-athlete relationships, maintaining a healthy body image after moving on from high level training and the comparison trap that comes with continuing to “run” in the same social circles, and how to support a partner going through a low point in their work happiness. Spoiler for you fix-it types out there: You might not be able to fix it, and they might not necessarily want you to, either. Enjoy!

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