EP. 20 – Dave Rowntree

By Thomson Reuters

It's 1994 and a bespectacled pre-pubescent Yorkshire lad unpeels the wrapping from the new CD by Blur. He carefully places it in his mini-HiFi and presses play. PARKLIFE! Giddy with excitement, he picks up a couple of biros and tries to keep pace with the beat on his yellow legal notepad. Fast forward 25 years and that same lad, our Kevin, is sitting across the table from the man who cracks out the beat – Dave Rowntree, the drummer from Blur. Yes, you read that right – Dave Rowntree, the drummer from Blur! He's a bona fide rockstar and a global icon. He's also a qualified lawyer and a local councillor. Forgive us if we go weak at the knees, whoop wildly and mosh in our Doc Martens. What a closer for series 2! Pop in your headphones, press play and listen in. It doesn't get better than this. WOO HOO. Find out more at tr.com/TheHearing

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