Episode 12 - The Future of Manufacturing

By Clare O'Neil MP

This week, Clare is joined by AWU National and NSW Secretary Daniel Walton and former long-term Australian Industry Group CEO Heather Ridout to discuss the future of manufacturing in Australia. After decades of decline, there's suddenly a very serious and very real conversation underway about rebuilding this essential part of our economy, with COVID-19 raising both concerns and opportunities. It's clear the interest is there, but what do we really mean when we argue for a resurgence in manufacturing? What does Aussie manufacturing look like in a modern context? What should it look like? And what policy levers need to be pulled to get us there? Please leave us a review, let us know what you think, and subscribe to stay up to date with the series.You can also follow Clare and join the conversation on social media: Twitter: twitter.com/clareoneilmp Instagram: instagram.com/clareoneilmp Facebook: facebook.com/clareforhotham

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