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03: Foreign Exchange Trading with Brian from Art of FX

By Sam Marks / Johnny FD

Brian Jimerson, founder of Art of FX learned how to trade foreign exchange currency while homeless and living in his car. It was there while stealing Wi-Fi from Panera Bread he made his first million dollars with FX trading. In this episode we talk about how ForEx can for everyone, how Sam Marks got 30% returns last year when all of his other returns were flat, and how using leverage will maximum your return on investment. We also talk about the actual time and hard work it requires to make up to 200 trades per day and overcome a loss of $1 Million dollars. Where are we: Bangkok, Thailand (Brian’s Penthouse) What we are drinking: Johnny Walker Platinum Label  Relevant links for guest: Brains Website: Art of FX Live Trade – Trading View Wealthfront Time Stamp Topic (00:01:18) What is ForEx Trading (00:01:50) Buy Euro’s with U.S Dollar (00:04:00) Foreign Currency Exchange (00:05:00) Tesla Stock (00:06:01) Commission Sales (00:07:20) Using Leverage (00:09:55) Seven TV Screens (00:10:43) Meeting in Bangkok (00:12:35) Art of FX Intro (00:13:40) Homeless (00:14:01) Making First Million Dollars (00:15:00) Johnnie Walker Platinum (00:16:05) VP of Onnit Labs (00:18:00) Oklahoma National Championship (00:18:35) Living in Bangkok (00:23:45) High Risk High Reward (00:22:25) Losing $1M in 10 Seconds (00:28:00) Learning Investments (00:31:07) Leveraging Accounts (00:33:50) Money Management (00:36:00) Biggest Trade Ever (00:36:12) 200 Trades Per Day (00:37:50) The Dream Client (00:39:47) Technical Analysis (00:40:34) Traders Vs. Investors (00:42:10) Sleeping an Hour a Night (00:43:30) If I die (00:44:50) Tesla Stock (00:46:00) Know when to Fold (00:47:30) Wolf of Wall Street (00:49:20) Overcoming a Loss (00:51:20) ForEx Trading 101 (00:56:35) Gambling with $10k (01:01:50) Wealthfront Auto Investment (01:04:05) Profit Shares (01:05:45) Minimize Risk (01:08:00) Becoming a Trader (01:10:15) Personal Investment % (01:11:11) Oil Industry (01:13:55) Live Trading If you enjoyed this episode, do us a favor and share it! Also if you haven’t’ already, please take a minute to leave us a 5 star review on iTunes and claim your bonus here!  Copyright 2016. All rights reserved. Read our disclaimer here.

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