Special Episode: Mental Health & Well-Being in the Arts: A Conversation with First Fortnight

By Ticketsolve

In this special episode of The Arts & Everything In Between Podcast,  David Keegan, CEO of First Fortnight and poet Stephen James Smith join Paul Fadden of Ticketsolve. With World Mental Health Day taking place on Saturday, October 10th, we’re sharing a conversation from the Ticketsolve Academy series about mental health and well-being in the arts.  ---------------------------------- First Fortnight is a charity that challenges mental health prejudice through arts and cultural action.First Fortnight utilises arts and culture to challenge mental health stigma while supporting some of Ireland’s most vulnerable people through creative therapies.  In Ireland, one in four people are predicted to struggle with their mental health at some point in their lives. Special guest, Dave Keegan is CEO of First Fortnight.  Stephen James Smith is a Dublin poet and playwright central to the rise of the vibrant spoken word scene in Ireland today.  To date, his poetry videos have amassed over 3 million views online. Topics:  Mental health  Well-being  Covid-19  -------------------------------------- FURTHER READING & RESOURCES:  Arts Advocacy Toolkit  https://mailchi.mp/c82ec42bc616/arts-advocacy-toolkit Arts Working Group Open Call Webinar Video Catch Up  https://mailchi.mp/553499e5f781/artsworkinggroup-webinarcatchup Arts Working Group Open Call Webinar Resources https://www.ticketsolve.com/blog/arts-working-group-open-call-webinar1/ Arts Working Group Q&A  https://www.ticketsolve.com/blog/arts-working-group-open-call-webinar-questions-and-answers/ Arts Working Group Recovery Toolkit: Module 1 Reopening with Clear Communications  https://mailchi.mp/24d1a01b137b/reopening-toolkit The Arts Recovery Toolkit  https://arts-recovery-toolkit.ticketsolve.com/ COVID-19 Venue Guidelines for Reopening Video  https://www.ticketsolve.com/blog/covid-19-venue-guidelines-video-resource/ ---------------------------------------- THE ARTS AND EVERYTHING IN BETWEEN PODCAST  It’s tough but rewarding working in the arts and often so busy you have little time to share with your peers and investigate new ideas. Every couple weeks join presenters as they interviews arts industry experts getting their take on the biggest issues facing the arts world today. There will be ideas to try, practical tips, lots of learning and of course - lots of laughs. If you work in theatres, venues, festivals or the arts and cultural sector this podcast is what you need! ---------------------------------------- WANT TO BE ON THE PODCAST If you have some great tips and tricks to share with the arts industry, we would love to have you on as a guest. To be a guest on the podcast, drop us an email on podcast@ticketsolve.com  ---------------------------------------- FOLLOW TICKETSOLVE  Facebook - www.facebook.com/Ticketsolving Twitter - twitter.com/ticketsolvers LinkedIn - www.linkedin.com/company/ticketsolve  Instagram - www.instagram.com/ticketsolve/

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