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#SalesFit | How to prospect like a Pro | Mark Keating (CEO Sales Guru)

By Carmen Murray | Solid Gold Podcast Studios

Carmen Murray sit down with the passionate, humorous, legendary and charasmatic Mark Keating, (CEO of Sales Guru, Top Sales Management Training and Keynote Speaker), to give the blue print for successful selling. He has built a phenomenal business focussed on one thing: to help South Africa's salespeople embrace professionalism and great selling practices to help businesses grow. In this episode Carmen and Mark unpacks the dreaded sales calls and the art of getting meetings and how to waste less time on unqualified leads. He teaches us the secrets of his "Boiler room" environment in London and gives us real world tips. Some people thrive by picking up the phone and calling a stranger to get a meeting and others absolutely hate it. Let's face it, cold calling is not for everyone. The only way your business will succeed is by doing sales the right way. When we try and get meetings do we hide behind emails? Is there a better way of writing an email and still yield results? Reaching out to someone on LinkedIn? What is the best way to cold call, be respectful, and land that meeting that could change your life? Mark Keating and Carmen Murray Role Plays some scenarios how to and unpack prospecting in detail to give the audiences an understanding of the right way and the wrong way of prospecting. This episode was so successful, that we decided to bring you a series of #SalesFit episodes to Future Fit your business by building a healthy pipeline, how to rebuttal, diagnose and set your business up for success. Find out more about our guest Mark Keating and his business Sales Guru To book your ticket to the #FutureFit Networking Events in Johannesburg, please visit For additional reading material, you can follow Carmen Murray's Column #FutureFit Yourself on For any inquiries, or requests to appear on the show, you can contact for more information. another Solid Gold podcast #BeHeard

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