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50: Calories, Weight Loss & Crowding Out

By Her Unique Glow - Nourished Living

I'm so excited to share this episode with you - it almost feels like new beginnings. I'm bringing you fresh topics, new discussions and sharing that little bit more about me.  This podcast is structured like a typical coaching session with me. What's new & good? Followed by the topic of the week and then one or two tips to take away. This week's topic is all about CALORIES! Calories do play an important role in weight management, however there is so much more to the food we’re eating than just the number of calories it contains. As with everything in life, there are always good sides and bad sides and that goes for calorie counting too.  With the number of calories of food more present than ever, I wanted to share a bit more on them. After all, a calorie really is just a unit of energy and therefore it’s important to get the record straight so that you’re able to make the best choices for yourself possible. 

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