9: Michal Menšík, DoDo: How people and cars can do amazing things


Nov 2020

44 min 11 sec

[This episode is in English] If you don't know DoDo you will definitely know their partners such as Alza, Rohlík, Košík, and others. We spoke to CEO, Michal Menšík, about how hard it is to hire people now and what it's like to be a driver - which Michal recently tried out himself. Hear about the program that brought 1000s of food to people in need during the first months of Covid - it didn't make money, but it made people's day! DoDo, like L'Oréal from one of our previous podcasts, hired even critical people remotely and successfully. Listen to the story of trying to open DoDo Hungary in May 2020 - spoiler alert... they did it! Now Michal is focused on trying to engage people and letting employees come up with super ideas.

Hosted by: Blake Wittman & José Kadlec. Brought to you by: GoodCall, Datacruit ATS, and Recruitment Academy.

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