Future Matter #4 - Riar Rizaldi


Future Matter #4 - Riar Rizaldi "Holonomy" Written by Riar Rizaldi Narrated by Nadia Tirensia Sound and Mixing by Riar Rizaldi Holonomy is a science/ethno-fiction in the form of found-audio play. It tells a personal reflection of Indonesian astrobiologist & xenoanthropologist Serambi Fati in her diplomatic mission to visit a superhabitable planet called Bumi 5.0. On her interstellar voyage, she transmits her thought on her speculation of tropical futurism in Bumi. At the same time, she explores her theory of 'commoning process' which is developed based on the evolution of mutual assistance, moral order and cosmological system of the tropical region—especially Indonesian archipelago—and echoes it to her prediction of the Buminites society. Fati contemplates the past as much as she thinks about the future. Riar Rizaldi works as an artist, filmmaker and amateur researcher. Born in Indonesia and currently based in Hong Kong. His main focus is on the relationship between capital and technology, extractivism, and theoretical fiction. His works have been shown at Locarno Film Festival, BFI Southbank London, International Film Festival Rotterdam, NTT InterCommunication Center Tokyo, Centre Pompidou Paris, Times Museum Guangzhou, and National Gallery of Indonesia amongst others. Transcript of the audio find here www.futurematter.institute/

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