How to See Giving and Receiving Feedback as a Gift

What The Fab Podcast

May 27

47 min 10 sec

#21: In this episode, I'm talking about something that can give us a pit in our stomachs, but is actually so important and necessary: giving and receiving feedback. Feedback is definitely something that can be scary and cause us to sweat. But through my career, I've learned that feedback is the best gift you could ever give or receive, and there are ways to . I get into: - How to give feedback so that it feels good for both parties - Examples I've experienced at Google and as a blogger of what NOT to do when giving/receiving feedback - How I took negative feedback as a blogger and turned it into a paid partnership - How to not be afraid of getting feedback and to not take it personally Snap a screenshot of the podcast and tag me @wtfab sharing your thoughts on this episode, so I can reshare it on my Stories too! Make sure you subscribe to the podcast to stay up to date on the latest episodes and interviews. Lastly, please rate and review to support this podcast!


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