Ep. 1: How do you Manage a Team of 40 Millenials? Chief Operating Officer of SEO Hacker Speaks Out

By Sean Si

  The first episode of my podcast is focused on my guest speaker and brother, Kevin Si. We have been working with each other for as long as SEO Hacker has been alive. Let’s get to know more about Kevin Si, as well as his role as the COO of SEO Hacker. Kevin is the Chief Operating Officer of SEO Hacker. It is the first and only place where he has worked ever since he graduated from college. He used to be the website and development head. Nowadays, with all of his technical know-how, he is considered to be the technical expert of the company, while I oversee all of the marketing aspects. One of the notable projects that Kevin is doing right now is that he is creating a company called Tomoe where he sells bead bracelets. Now you might be wondering, what’s so special about these bead bracelets that Kevin decided to start a whole business selling them, when in fact, it’s something that is very accessible to everyone? It can be found in a lot of malls, and markets, and even in small corner stores more commonly known in the Philippines as Tiangge. Kevin explains his learnings from a seminar conducted by Leadership Stack, one of my recent startups, that any idea that is not physically present with you is nothing but an idea. It lingers—and oftentimes, it gets lost in translation. Kevin describes the bead bracelets he is selling as a means to symbolize these ideas. He wants to help people have the same mantra of materializing their ideas and goals. In essence, these bracelets are used in a more spiritual way as it can give you supernatural wisdom. These bracelets are made to empower people because, as Kevin believes, everyone has the ability to do so many things. It’s just a matter of reminding them that they can do it. He further explains that the bead bracelets are in no way an original idea. It’s easy to find the beads on the Internet. What sets Tomoe bracelets apart are the difference in combinations and the message behind them. Tomoe aims to cultivate and empower people who use these bracelets to make sure that they’re reminded of what they can become. One of the few things Kevin wanted to highlight was that he and his company is looking to create a program where they ask their customers to commit to something, and they’ll be asking for regular updates from them. In this age where social media has taken up a large chunk of our time, seeing influencers, and other people who flaunt their luxurious lifestyles so much can be depressing at times. A lot of people can feel helpless, but in reality, we are empowered to do so many things. Empowerment itself is an amazing concept, as long as it is done well. Going back to Kevin’s position as the COO of a young tech company, he shares that his work is mainly about handling both operations and people. Operations is easy. As long as there are clear rules and regulations on how things are supposed to be done. He also notes that there is a very defined standard separating good quality, excellent work, from the bad ones. That being said, the hardest part of his job is defining which is good, and which is bad work, processes, and outputs (which is, as stated by Kevin, still fairly easy). It’s a matter of reaching quotas, while also exemplifying quality work. Another point worthy of consideration is that it’s actually the people in operations that make things hard because you have to motivate and encourage them. I personally make an effort to get to know them well enough to empower and encourage them. SEO Hacker is a young tech company that has a relatively young workforce of approximately 40 individuals. Being the COO of such a company is quite a unique experience. In Kevin’s case, he can pretty much sum it up to be a very fun experience. That is with the condition tha Support the show (https://tribe.leadershipstack.com/)

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