5. Insights from a Cambridge University Supervisor

By Opportune Simon

📍 Youtube | Spotify | Apple Podcasts | Google Podcasts | Facebook | Instagram In this first week of national lockdown, Opportune chats on Zoom with Simina Dragoș about her inspiring journey - from missing her Cambridge offer to becoming an eminent academic - studying for her BA, Masters, and now PhD at the university! Simina has studied at both Emmanuel College and at Fitzwilliam College, and discusses the merits of both. She has recently started acting as a supervisor for the Education faculty, and shares her tips on mastering essay writing and exams.  TIMESTAMPS 00:00 Intro 02:00 Making Cambridge a goal 04:40 Missing your offer 07:40 Setting up a Plan B 09:00 Why study the Education tripos? 10:15 Does Cambridge prepare you for working life? 12:15 Pros of the Cambridge interview 15:00 Adapting to the rhythm as an international student 17:20 Imposter syndrome 20:46 What is the Education tripos? 24:20 Favourite part of the course 26:15 Picking your Masters’ course 29:00 3rd year dissertation 30:08 Oxford vs Cambridge 32:40 Emmanuel College 38:10 Vibe of old colleges 39:30 Fitzwilliam College 45:13 “Hill colleges” 45:38 Life a a postgrad 48:03 Balance between studying, socialising & sleeping as an undergrad 51:38 How to get a 1st in your exams 59:49 Using your privilege for good 1:02:51 Happiest day at Cambridge

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