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Sexuality and Aging with Helen Hellix, MA, LMFT

By Amanda Testa, Sex, Love and Relationship Coach

In this week's podcast episode, Helen Hellix, Intuitive Counselor and Licensed Therapist, and I are diving into the truth about aging and sexuality.   Helen is an Intuitive Counselor and Licensed Therapist who has been developing her powerful intuitive skills and practical tools for 35 years. She has a passion for supporting her clients to create the lives they always wanted by focusing on sexual healing and liberation. Helen’s warmth, humor, and wisdom offer her clients a clear path that leads to their fullest self-expression and self-love. She can be found on all social media platforms and in private sessions via the internet from all over the world.  It's a myth that we lose the ability to enjoy pleasure and sexual fulfillment as we age.  Tune in as Helen shares about finding and creating deep love in her life, sacred sexuality and healing shame, why it’s so hard for women to receive, the role polarity plays in relationships, and how sacred union can radically transform your connection with your partner, and how to bring that into your relationship.   Her passion led her to create the Sex and Spirituality: Passionate Intimacy Without Shame! Summit starting August 12, 2019.  You can listen to the 25 expert interviews here! Find out more and connect with Helen below! @helenhillix on IG And you can find her podcast, From My Heart to Yours on iTunes or wherever you listen to podcasts.    

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