#25. Age Wave's Bob Morison On the Largest Untapped Market Hiding In Plain Sight


Aug 2020

32 min 18 sec

Throw out the stereotypes because the Boomer generation is breaking the mold. We are entering an era in which 52 million, or 17% (and rising) of Americans are over 65 and in the early stage of life's Third Age. From their attitudes and behaviors to how they wield their economic, political, cultural and social power, this generation is larger and more dynamic than any before.

Bob Morison is a Senior Advisor for Age Wave (www.agewave.com), an organization dedicated to researching and reframing retirement. Bob and Ken Dychtwald are coauthors of the new book, What Retirees Want: A Holistic View of Life's Third Age, culminating thirty years of research on aging and retirement, available now on Amazon.com.

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