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Phone Booth Infestation & Space Cake Smuggler [Season 2, Episode 21]

By Sheila Dee & Evo Terra - Skeptics & Third World Survivors

It’s hot in Bangkok. Like… always hot. Which is why so many tourists and expats walk around in shorts and tank-tops all the time. But now that we have an actual closet, it’s rather nice to wear clothes that we actually care about. That, and we don’t want to get mistaken for backpackers or sexpats. Still, it’s a little strange for Evo to declare his undying love for a pair of pants. (Thanks, TravelSmith!) But he does seem to genuinely love wearing them, which makes Bangkok that much more beautiful by not having his chicken legs strutting around in public. And speaking of beautiful things, we’ve two to stories on today’s program, one from Thailand and another from The Netherlands: 1. Phone Booth Infestation Music credit: Upbeat Forever by Kevin MacLeod As much as we’re enjoying living in Bangkok… it’s not the cleanest city on the planet. Sure, it has it’s moments, and we’re by no means living in squalor. But like any big city, blight is an issue. Recently, the Thai government launched an initiative to get rid of the single biggest eyesore in the city. Uh… phone booths? Huh. OK. 2. Space Cake Smuggler Music credit: Spy Glass by Kevin MacLeod Love it or not, societal norms and legality issues over marijuana are changing. If you still live in a repressed area of the world, you may wonder about the appropriateness of this story. But for the rest of you, don’t make the mistake Gabor from TapeWrite made when leaving Amsterdam. Remember, consume before you get to the airport. They sort of frown on smuggling dope into the Vatican, even for personal consumption. And that’s the show! Next week, Sheila’s on a much-needed vacation, so we will not release a show. It’s Songkran, or Thai New Year. Yes, we celebrated Chinese new year a little over a month ago. And there was the whole “real” calendar-flipping a few weeks before that. Hey, we have lots of calendars in Thailand. It’s work. Special thanks to Kevin MacLeod of for our theme music Upbeat Forever and all of the music used in this episode. Funding for this podcast and all the great content we produce is made possible by listeners just like you. Visit to pledge your support, and get a hand written postcard each month as we travel abroad. Additional funding provided by TravelSmith. Inspiring people to go places they've never been, and keeping us looking smart and well-outfitted on our journey. And if you want to travel the world… it’s cheaper than you think! Visit ShEvo.wtffor more details, and click on the Housesitting link to find out exactly how we afford to travel the world in style.

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