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#017 - Networking

By John Lamerton and Jason Brockman

"Your network equals your net worth" A cliche, for sure. But like many cliches, there's some truth to be had there - and that's been our experience of networking. There's no instant return, but the more quality we add to our network, the more success we've encountered. For this episode, we've roped in our very first guest. We were adamant from the start that we didn't want the Big Idea Podcast to be an endless procession of guests, leaving us asking the same banal, generic questions each week, but we will bring one in where they know a lot more about a subject than we do. And that's clearly the case for the "King of Networking" in Plymouth, Mike Turner. There's very few people in Plymouth who don't know who Mike is - on a recent visit to his office, we popped out for lunch which involved a 2 minute walk to a local cafe, during which at least 10 people said hello to Mike by name - that's the power of networking. Enjoy this episode - it's a long one, but a good one! For links to everything we talk about, including the video recording of the episode and transcription of everything we talked about, head over to the show notes at And to watch the LIVE recording of each episode of the Big Idea Podcast, join our Facebook Group for FREE - you can then watch our ugly mugs in glorious technicolour every Monday lunchtime, as well as get BONUS in-between-isodes, and direct access to both of us to ask any questions about this, or any other episode.

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