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Soulful Conversation with Victoria Karipidis Anagenis

By Regan Hillyer

I recently caught up, through a series of powerful, divine synchronicities, with Victoria in Mykonos, Greece. We had a soulful conversation about having it all, and the spontaneous interactions that open pathways and portals for personal, financial and spiritual growth. My recent journey included amazing insights, a powerful activation and a spiritual awakening that has been unbelievably incredible. And, this sudden, unexpected, unplanned journey to Greece, specifically Mykonos and Delios, has been around listening to my inner goddess, following my heart, soul and ... divine synchronicity. In this podcast, we chat about when you get really busy and you are fully invested in your physical reality and your soul suddenly says  “Go! Get to this place”….or “Do this, you know that you want to…” or “reach out to this person…” or ‘Gee I’ve always wanted to be this...or do this course..” And then, your unconscious mind clicks in…it gives you a million reasons why you CAN’T do what your soul is telling you to do. You can’t do that! You can’t just get up and leave. Think of your obligations? How will you get those sorted? The skill is to control your mind, shake off the limiting beliefs and don't focus on the tree….focus on the forest. Ask this my soul's desire? Is this a part of living into my purpose? Is this my truth and is this what I really want? Is this the real and authentic me? By going here, doing this, am I living into my soul’s purpose? Are you connecting with your vision? So, how do you go from ‘This is not what I want’ ‘This is what I truly want’...? Hear how to tune in, shake off self-limiting, negative beliefs about yourself, really listen to your soul and live into your true purpose. Listen now!    And remember,  You absolutely can have it all.. And give back. Regan x

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