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The Melt Method with Sue Hitzmann

By JJ Virgin

Sue Hitzmann explains deeply how dehydration in your body tissue is the cause of the pain you are suffering and how your daily habits are making it worse. By listening to this enlightening show, learn how to free yourself from periodic visits to chiropractors  and physical therapists, now you will be able to do it yourself! A ten minutes sequence can restore the health to your body. It truly is as simple and good as it sounds!   Key Takeaways: [:16] The gut-pain connection [:52] Sue Hitzmann´s career [3:00] The gut health and pain [3:10] How did you get in this method? [3:16] Get yourself out of chronic pain. [3:45] Daily living over one hour session [4:33] Common imbalances [4:42] Connected tissue dehydration [6:20] Pain cycle [7:12] Cellular dehydration [7:28] What does connected tissue dehydration mean? [9:29] If you don't stimulate this tissue your body is not assimilating the food well. [11:32] Everything is related. [12:02] Dry sponge analogy [12:50] What do repetitive postures cause? [13:13] What is elasticity? [15:28] Two things people do to deal with their pain [16:12] Only 10 minutes a day [16:58] Sequences you should be doing [17:08] Focus on fixing the problem rather than the crying out. [17:41] Areas that hurt are crying out for your help. [19:05] Stand up every 30 minutes. [19:36] We are too sedentary. [19:41] To go to the gym after a sedentary day, makes it worse. [20:50] Not working out longer but more effectively [21:04] [21:55] The number one reasons for food intolerance [22:30] [22:41] listeners’ questions [22:53] Omega 3 fish oil [23:55] Algae for vegans [24:16] How much Omega 3 to take? [25:35] Omega 3 fatty acid index [26:34] Eat wild fish a couple times a week and take a high quality fish oil 2gr a day. [27:55] [28:03] facebook fan page   Mentioned in This Episode: Facebook fan page JJVirgin

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