The Wine Hour #12 – Season 2 Opener with Beth Novak Milliken, Spottswoode, Napa Valley, USA.

The Wine Hour

Oct 3

1 hr 1 min

Join the Wine Dream Team, Jaime Araujo, Tanisha Townsend, and Akos Forczek, and the Host, Antoine Abou-Samra for The Wine Hour #12. We have the pleasure to welcome Beth Novak Milliken, President and CEO of Spottswoode Estate Vineyard & Winery, Napa Valley, USA. SPECIAL GUEST BIO In 1987, Beth Novak Milliken joined her mother, Mary Novak at Spottswoode, becoming the first second-generation family member to become actively involved in guiding Spottswoode Estate Vineyard &Winery. In the more than three decades since, Beth has played a key role in establishing Spottswoode Estate Vineyard as one of the world’s great winegrowing sites, and Spottswoode as one of Napa Valley’s most iconic and respected wineries. She has also quietly built a reputation as a leader in the Napa Valley community, advocating on behalf of the wine industry and the social and environmental causes she holds dear. In addition, Beth has been a strong and effective voice for the Napa Valley wine community. Reflecting the high regard she is held in by her peers, in 1998 Beth was elected the youngest president ever of the Napa Valley Vintners, the first woman to hold the position. Believers in leading by example, Beth and Mary worked with four women winemakers in a row at Spottswoode, before promoting current winemaker Aron Weinkauf to that position. Beth also spearheaded the restoration of Spring Creek, which defines the southern boundary of the estate vineyard. In 2010, Beth and Mary were honorary chairs of Auction Napa Valley, a hugely successful event that raised more than $8,500,000 for Napa Valley nonprofits, and in 2007, Spottswoode joined 1% for the Planet, donating 1% of Spottswoode’s gross revenues each year to nonprofits that support a healthier world. Above all else, Beth sees herself as a steward of her family’s winegrowing estate, carrying on the legacy begun by Mary, who passed away in 2016.“Our family has a four-decade relationship with this land that now spans three generations. I grew up here, along with my four siblings, and now the third generation is enjoying the property. When you own a family winery like ours, the cellar is like a photo album: each vintage of our Spottswoode Estate Cabernet is a picture of a year in our family’s life, and a testament for our love of this place. This is why it has always been so important to us that our wines reflect who we are, and what we believe in, both in terms of the way we farm our vineyard and in the beautiful, balanced style of our wines.” PROGRAM Uncorked [6:20] Jaime Araujo, and Akos Forczek talk about the harvest of 2021 Licensed To Taste [25:21] Tanisha Townsend gives you insight on the crossover between wine and spirits, and in the Wine Minute talks about Wine based cocktails Have A Drink With Me [34:31] Antoine Abou-Samra has a conversation with Beth Novak Milliken on the intricacies of Family Businesses, the legacy she is continuing, the care for the environment, and the challenges ahead. There is an accompanying playlist with the show (selected by the guest). It can be found here: Thank you for listening! Don't forget to subscribe/follow to our podcast. You can also follow us on our different platforms: Instagram: Facebook: LinkedIn:

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